• Al Sadiq Islamic School

    A good school is one which not only imparts academic knowledge but also develops positive values of caring, sharing, mercy and tolerance. Balanced curriculum which fosters both physical and mental capabilities in the child is essential. It is significant for an ideal school to transfer knowledge of various subjects that are considered necessary in a way that the pupils are able to grasp the ideas and also appreciate them. It is equally imperative to ensure that the students learn to appreciate social and cultural values & customs of others and learn to respect parents, teachers and senior members of the society.

    A good school should help the child to identify his/her skills and aptitude and provide a platform to enhance it. Motivation and encouragement are the key factors of good education. Parents & teachers should teach the students the right meaning of success. Students should be made to think, act and judge independently this makes education a pleasure.

    A good education is all about the overall development of a child’s personality where he/she becomes academically qualified, morally sound with high regard & respect to human and religious values and be physically strong to face the various challenges in life.

    Level: Primary School

    Location:  Al Qusais, Dubai

    Telephone: +971 4 2634083

    Fax: +971 4 2631078

    Email: alsadiq@emirates.net.ae

    Website: http://www.alsadiqschool.com/


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