• Mindscapes of Mindspaces

    Indian-born painter Manisha Gawada takes us on a journey of exploration into the subconscious mind. The flowing colours and range of textures evoke myriad emotions. At the hotel

     04 317 1234

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  • Monde Arte Gallery

    Monde Arte will feature an Exhibition of beautiful paintings of Lebanon’s most popular artist living in Dubai. The exhibition will be open from July 29 to August 12.


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  • Cafe Culture

    Jumeirah’s Central Perk will be running art exhibitions for featured artists as well as to showcase the works from the Dubai Autism Centre and the Dubai Centre for Special Needs. Paintings will be available to purchase at Central Perk with...


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  • In the Shadows

    Arts Gallery has announced an exhibition of sculptures by Yasi Sinai entitled ’The Shadow’. Featuring grey papier-mache sculptures of women ornamented with different textures and materials, they represent women searching for their lost...


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  • The Orient Guest House

    Orient Guest House is part of the Arabian courtyard Hotel & Spa. The Orient Guest House occupies a classic Arabic-style two-storey villa located in the lively Bur Dubai neighbourhood, within 100 metres of the Dubai Museum and 200 metres from...


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