• Features & Safety


    • Dubai metro have Gold class cabin in each train with following features:
      • Wide Leather Seats
      • Carpet Flooring, Exclusive Lighting and Design
      • Panoramic view from the front of the train
    • Women & Children only cabin in each train
    • Complete Mobile Phone coverage across the entire network
    • Wi-Fi access throughout the network
    • Air Conditioned cabins and walkways
    • Longest automated Metro system in the world, built in one go
    • Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system
    • Wayside Obstacle Detection
    • Front and Rear cameras keep the train under constant surveillance


    • One of the world's safests Metros.
    • Dedicated Metro Police force.
    • Over 3000 CCTVs in trains and stations to monitor any security infringements.
    • Integrated radio system between Metro and emergency services.
    • Emergency Call Box (ECB) in each train and station.

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