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    Scuba diving and deep sea fishing

    For divers, the coastline of the Emirates offers a colorful world of coral reefs and a fascinating marine life waiting to be explored. Khorfakkan, or "the Creek of Two Jaws" as it is also known, is the most scenic location in the country and also considered the best scuba diving around, offering breathtaking glimpses of underwater life.

    For those who know how to swim, we can get you a padi license in less than 5 days. We will also teach you how to use the equipment with the help of a qualified instructor, so that you can enjoy a thrilling diving experience.

    There are also deep-sea fishing tours, one of the favorite past times in Dubai. Departure is from the hotel by minibus. Boarding is from Creek or from the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. Deep-sea fishing tours typically last for about 4 hours. The crew is well experienced in sport fishing in the gulf waters. Bait for fishing is also provided.

    Emirate:  Dubai


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