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    Al Gharbia Water Sports Festival

    The seventh edition of the Al Gharbia Watersports Festival makes a splash as it returns to Mirfa in the Western Region.

    The festival site which spans over 20,000 square metres will feature many varied and diverse activities such as the Local Rowing Race, the Race for Tfares, Al Bwanich Sailing Race, the Marwah Sailing Race, the Jenana Sailing Race, the Regatta Race (UAE Sailing National Championship), the Kite Surfing Competition, the Kayak Boats Race, the Traditional Dhow Race, parachute sailing, swimming, beach volleyball and beach football, as well as a number of exceptional heritage activities that are closely related to the marine environment.

    There are lots of prizes up for grabs, with a total prize fund of AED 4 million.

    In addition to all the sporting events, the festival offers a rich variety of other activities including the Traditional Market, children’s activities, heritage performances, and theatre competitions.

    The festival is organised by the Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.


    Sailing Race

    The Sailing Race is a traditional race in which sailing masts are used. In the past, the sailing boats were used in diving to extract pearls or in the transport of goods. The length of the mast reaches 22ft, 43ft, or 60ft.

    Local Rowing Race

    The competitions include modern sailing races and different types of rowing races such as Kayak, Canoe, and human-powered Dragon Boats that rely on the physical strength, accuracy and consistency in the performance of the crew. The modern races also include different competitions, like windsurfing, ski surfing and board surfing.

    Regatta Race

    The Regatta race is a modern sailing race that includes five different categories: Laser, Optimist, Catamaran, Kitesurf, and Open Dinghy.

    The Regatta race is part of the UAE Sailing National Championship that kicks off in every emirate and wraps up with the 7th round at Al Gharbia Watersports Festival.

    Jenana Race for Tfares

    About 11 boats take part in this race. Made of wood, the boast were used in the past to fish in shallow waters. This heritage is now presented in the form of a race.

    Al Bwanich Sailing Race

    In one of the best illustrations of local heritage, at least 200 sailors on board 50 boats take part in Al Bwanich Sailing Race.

    Marwah Sailing Race (60ft)

    This race is considered as one of the most important marine heritage competitions in the UAE. Contestants use two sails in the race. In each boat, 20 to 25 sailors compete over a 30-kilometre distance.

    Kite Surfing Competition

    Kite surfing is one of the most exciting marine sports. The contestant uses a power kite while surfing on the surface of the water. The outcome of the competition is determined by the strength of the contestant, the power of the wind, and the weight of the rider, his skills, and style. The Competition includes 3 categories: Male, female and children.

    Emirate:  Abu Dhabi

    Venue: Mirfa, Al Gharbia

    Dates: Apr 23, 2015 - May 2, 2015

    Website: http://www.algharbiafestivals.ae/


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